About Us

About Us

10famousworks.com is a web born from the need to bring universal art to the citizen in a progressive way. The idea that moves this project is that each human being should know ten works by the greatest creators of all time.

Our motto is per artem ad astra, old Latin proverb that means “through art to the stars”, indicating that perhaps art is the only way that man has to achieve immortality.

Our page is structured by categories, the most important types of art, although at present we are thinking of including some more. In each category you will find some of the best artists of all time, and within this artist a small biography with the 10 works that best represent this creator. Of course, the reader will find that the editorial of 10famousworks has chosen his own, so this does not mean in any way that they are his “best works”, but perhaps the most representative ones.

The work therefore proposed could have several visions: Firstly, a merely informative character, so that the reader could approach these pages by chance to know the ten “best” works of art of a particular artist; and on the other hand, the reader could structure a planned programme listening, for example, to several musical pieces a week, reading a book a month, memorizing ten paintings by an author or watching a movie a week.

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