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Architecture is the most functional art of all. In one way or another affects us.

Architecture tries to design spaces in which men must live, stay for some time or just walk through. Traditionally it is associated with buildings such as cathedrals, palaces, buildings or houses, although a more modern conception of architecture would encompass other aspects.

From we want to devlote in a first phase of our project those architects that have marked the architecture of all times.
Remember that we are at the onset of thisprject and that progressively more names will be added soon.

Antoni Daudí I Cornet

Frank Gehry

Norman Foster

Antoni Gaudí I Cornet

Antoni Gaudí was a Spanish architect whose work is considered an exceptional creative contribution to the development of architecture and construction technology. He started his architecture studies in 1868, when he moved to Barcelona when he was sixteen, there he would develop his career at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, ​​and although he was […]